Understanding the Infinite.

My life is devoted to “Knowing everything”. Needless to say, to know everything, it’s not necessary to know each and every useless fact that can exist. We can just know and understand the most fundamental truths behind everything, over which all knowledge and understanding can be built.

Therefore in better terms, the aim is to know all the necessary truths that govern this universe (physics and our reality), the necessary truths beyond this universe (multiverse/god/creator/supreme reality) and the possible mechanism of these truths (truths behind these truths).

Knowing everything is possible. It’s just difficult.

Hacking the universe.

Knowing everything makes hacking easy.

Elon Musk wants to make human life multiplanetary, and he is focusing on the rockets. Is it the only solution? From Physics eyes, Rocket’s are too classical and we are at the edge of our physics. If we only knew everything about the universe, there might be laws in fundamental physics, which can completely change the way we can travel across the universe.

Hacking the universe only means, finding such laws or exploits that will allow us to solve biggest problems of mankind, from death to ruling the galaxies.

Physics provides a good framework to approach the hacking. However, it might not be enough to actually hack it.


Based on Physics

“The universe do as the Physics dictates.”

Either of these 3 scenarios is possible:

  1. The laws of physics allow the universe to be hacked.
  2. The laws of physics do not allow the universe to be hacked, but exploits can be found. (Physics can be broken)
  3. The universe does not contain any exploits and so, it is impossible to hack the universe.

To verify if scenario 1 is true, we must complete fundamental physics. The ultimate puzzle to be cracked in Physics is the grand unified Theory of Everything.

If we happen to be in scenario 2, then we must go beyond Physics. We will require technological superpowers to help us find these exploits that break physics.

Singularity is inevitable!

Technology is not limited. For it contains many superpowers, a really fascinating one, is Intelligence. Human Intelligence was good, but there could be more to intelligence.

AGI in past was mainly limited by hardware limitations. Thanks to Moore’s law, the hardware won’t be the limitation very soon. Now, building AGI is just a software problem, which can eventually be solved by human creativity.

Mathematical Universe

I have been studying Mathematics, can anyone show some link between the problems of our mathematics and the problems of our universe? I have seen a paper by Max Tegmark, in which, he pushes the idea of our universe being mathematical structure itself.

For this universe is mathematical, a deeper understanding of pure mathematics might reveal significant secrets of nature.

God is helpful!

Remember, Exploits are not intended part of universe, so the scenario 2 suggests the idea of Intelligent Creator who neglected these exploits when creating the universe. If there is an intelligent creator, we must attract his attention. This is somewhat of a simulation hypothesis + Religious approach.

Scenario 3? The only way to verify scenario 3, is to falsify 1 & 2. We are very far from falsifying them, and so we must not look at 3 yet.

What’s stopping us?

This is a story that i am telling myself. In the history, we have achieved wonderful things, with narratives like we as a civilization is actually going somewhere. We had dreams of the future. And we achieved them.

However, the culture is shifting, and humans are becoming more entangled with things that do not really exist in nature. Where exactly are we going? Why are we secretly becoming nihilists?

I don’t have concrete solutions but i think we should find better stories to tell ourselves. Because there is an actual game to play. The game is nature itself. The game is universe itself. We can win.

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